Human Error is the unintended result of a human action. It could be forgetfulness, an incorrect action, or not following a procedure.

Human Error is related to how we process information, and is influenced by the task, the environment and procedure design.

Human Error is also associated with the substitution test, where different people make the same errors.


Whether it is one-off, high-cost event, or repeated mistakes, Human Error increases business costs. 

Human Factors Analysis is used to understand and counter-act errors thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs. 

Human Factors Analysis identifies the errors that are posing the largest financial, reputational, legal, operational, or safety risks. 


Human Factors Consultants is a customer-focused consultancy that provides advice, support and consultancy to a range of industries and sectors. 

We use innovative data-collection, tools and analysis to deliver cost-effective insight into human error. 

We only recommend actions that provide a return-on-investment or an increase in safety.